Keystone Series Counter Tops

Just as the keystone can be the central supporting element for a larger structure, your new "Keystone" countertop can pull you kitchen together with the look of Old World natural stone.

Keystone Widths


Specifications of Craftsmanship

  • The Old World ogee nose has the appeal that everyone seeks - the 1 1/2" thick profile with a 3" backsplash will meet your highest standard.
  • The deck has an overall depth of 25 1/2" on kitchens and 22 1/2" on vanities - this means easier installs.
  • The cove has a 1/4" radius for easy clean-up.
  • The backsplash has a 1/2" scribe to provide easy fit for out of square or uneven walls, allowing for more installation tolerances.
  • Bar tops may be ripped to any width for a flat top with no backsplash.